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Muy Delicioso: La Tapería Review

Hidden on the second level of Shaw House, La Tapería has been serving up authentic Spanish Fair since November 2014. They have recently undergone a minor renovation to allow for more guests which is to be expected as I have personally seen them turn away guests due to a full house.

As part of the Les Amis Group, there is an expectation for the standard of food and service (things Singaporeans are particular about), and I am glad to report that La Tapería does not disappoint.

Sweeping Declaration: My family and I are not big eaters so we tend not to order a great deal. But what we order, we like. =)

Now on to the food!

First up is the Croquetas De Jamón (4 croquettes filled with suckling pig bechamel and jamón ibérico). These are fairly cheesy with little nibbles of spanish ham in them. Crunchy on the outside, savory and creamy on the inside. Not bad but there are bigger fish to fry from the appetizers.

Speaking of fish, next came the Crujientes De Lubina (Rockfish fritters with lemon and aioli sauce). The batter on the outside was light and crunchy, which helps it stay crunchy even after being on the table for a while. The fish inside had a tender yet slightly flaky texture and a really mild flavor. All these means that it is a delightful dish when paired with the accompanying lemon juice and garlicky aioli.

Next up was the Gambas Al Ajillo (Prawns cooked with garlic chili and extra virgin olive oil). The staff would highly recommend it and it is not hard to see why. The best way to describe it is a simple dish done well. Perfectly cooked and crunchy prawns served with garlic bits, chilli and the olive oil makes a happy me. You find yourself easily gobbling up the remaining garlic bits even after there are no more prawns. The olive oil then gains some additional garlic flavor, making it a perfect dip for the grilled baguette that you can order on the side.

Presa Ibérica A La Parrilla (Charcoal grilled Iberian pork marinated with spices & herbs with extra virgin olive oil). These were nicely grilled but I do feel that the marinate gave the outside of the meat a little powdery coating. That, along with the heavy olive oil taste did not appeal as much to me as I do like my pork to taste a little "porky".

Next up is one of my personal favorites. The Costillitas De Cordero A La Parrilla (Charcoal grilled lamb rib confit glazed with honey mustard). Lamb ribs grilled to perfection brought out-a nice smoky flavor to the lamb. The lamb ribs had a good mix of fat and fall-of-the-bone meat. The coating of honey mustard brought a great tangy and sweet balance to the meat that I found myself using my fingers to eat the ribs like a barbarian. A definite must have for anyone who likes lamb.

Paella Negra De Marisco (Squid ink seafood paella inspired by Las Siete Puertas restaurant in Barcelona). A symphony of black on black with the paella coated in squid ink on the black serving pan. There are 2 sizes here, the regular ($32) which feeds around 3-4 pax, and the large ($56) which is good for 5-6 pax depending on how many Tapas you ordered beforehand. We usually get to this dish pretty stuffed with all the delicious Tapas. The squid ink provides an Umami to the Paella which has me reaching for more, especially the little crunchy bits stuck at the bottom. They are also pretty generous with the seafood with quite a lot of prawns, clams and squid ring added.

Last but not least is the Super-Cochinillo Confit (Suckling pig confit served with Calanda peaches & caramelised white onions cooked with sherry vinegar). 3-4 fairly substantial chunks of pork are served which can be split amongst the table. My mum and wife finds the "pork" taste a little too strong for their liking so I usually end up having to finish it (more pork for me then!). I do enjoy it though I must admit there is not too much in terms of depth of flavor for the pork itself though the skin is really crispy. The balance comes from the sweet Calanda peaches and caramelised onions so eat them together to avoid feeling "jelak". It also comes with a side of fries but we are usually way too full at this point to finish those.

*Image courtesy of LaTapería's facebook page

In summary, the newly expanded spanish restaurant is a must go for anyone who enjoys good spanish food. A word of caution: keep an eye out when ordering the Tapas and mains as it can come up to a lot of food if you want to try everything they have to offer. Stealing glances at food at the other tables can also lead to overordering. It can get quite packed on evenings and weekends so do remember to make your reservations to avoid being disappointed.

La Tapería is located at Shaw Centre #02-10/11, 1 Scotts Road, Singapore 228208

Phone Number: 6737 8336

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