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No, they are not a fruit store: Fresh Fruits Lab Review

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Popped over Fresh Fruits Lab yesterday for an early anniversary lunch with my wife. Drove past it many a times and decided to give it a shot since it was also on Burpple.

Before we made any orders, the staff brought over little test tubes of mixed juices of a variety of color for sampling. A nice touch because not many places at this price point give you anything free.

Ordered the Beer Shroom (beer battered button mushrooms served with arrabiata sauce). It came recommended in the menu so I thought I give it a shot and boy was I glad I did. There was a very nice crunch to the batter, albeit a tad on the oily side. The mushrooms were quite juicy so when you cut into it and eat it, it is not dry and oily. The sauce was not bad as a complement for the crunchy mushrooms.

For our 2 main courses, we ordered the Masago Caviar Pasta and the Rib Eye Steak.

First came the pasta, accompanied by baked scallops, one sunny side up quail egg and topped up with some masago caviar. What is masago caviar you ask? It looks like the Tobiko you get at Japanese restaurants but smaller and less crunchy. The pasta was well cooked with a bit of al dente-ness. The sauce complements the pasta well. I found the scallops well baked but a little on the bland side in terms of taste. I feel that it could be seasoned just a little. The quail egg does seem like an afterthought for the entire dish other than the purpose of adding color. I would think that it would have made more sense to add a full sunny side up so that we can have more runny yolk to accompany the pasta.

Next came the Rib Eye Steak which was surprisingly well cooked and seasoned. I usually do not expect that much from steaks from places other than dedicated steakhouses but I was happy to be proven wrong. The cauliflower was nicely grilled with a nice smoky taste to it. The mash was ok and could do with more salt and flavor. The sautéed mushrooms were cooked with garlic and the garlic did make it really tasty. So much so that I wish there were more of it to go around.

Make use of Burpple Beyond to get 1 for 1 main dishes because why not? It only applies to burgers, wraps, hearty meal and pasta dishes but that is already pretty good in terms of savings anyways.

All in all, a pretty solid option for your meals for a no frills western meal. And it will not break the bank (even more so with Burpple) too.

Fresh Fruits Lab is located at 351 Changi Road Lor Marzuki Singapore 419818.

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